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On this page the sixth part of project I is shown..

To be able to solder perfectly the part that has to be soldered has to lie horizontal.
To be sure I can solder horizontaly I lie the sphere in a box with shredded wood.

Because I use shredded wood I can place the sphere in every position I want.
Now I can solder all the spaces between the pieces of glass

Every time I can solder a surface of 7 by 7 centimeters.
After that I 've got to turn the sphere a view centimeters.
If I don't do that, the tin would run straight down


In the pictures below only the rim and the cap need to be soldered.
The outside part of the sphere is then finished.

Below pictures sdhow the inside of the sphere.
The hole inside of the sphere needs to be soldered too.
  Part 7