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On this page you can see the third part of project I.
The pieces that are still needed are the pieces of top and bottom rim.
First I cut out the pattern of pieces out of the tracing-paper,
the tracing-paper I then used to draw out the pattern onto the glass show below.
For this I used a white marker..
Then I cut out all the glass pieces.
This resulted in below shown stacked pieces of glass.
Only the dark pieces are shown.
About the same amount I cut out for the lighter pieces.

Now all the pieces are cut out.
To allow the pieces to be soldered togesther on the sphere,
every pieces of glass needs to be wraped in copper foil.
Below you can see how this is done.
On the first picture you can see what is neded to wrap the copper foil around the pieces of glass.
On the left you can see a tool to smooth out the copper foil.
In the middel you see a light piece off glass.
On the right you see the copper foil.
Before the copper foil is wraped around the piece of glass, the edge of the glass needs to be cleaned with a cloth..
This is done to be sure that there is no dust on de edge because the copper foil then won't stick to de glass properly.
After the foil is put on the glass it needs be folded down and smoothened.
The result is shown below.
After all the 35 pieces are wraped in copper foil the same way the can be put on de sphere.
  Part 4