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Welcom to my tiffany site

My name is Martijn Stapel, I am living in Zwolle and
I started with Tiffany at the end of 2000.
Pure as a hobby.

During my holiday in Denmark I came across some leaded lamps,
I though, I can probably make them myself.
I first seeked for information about leaded lamps on the internet.
On the internet I found also information about Tiffany.

After I compared the two methods I choose for Tiffany.
Tiffany seemed easier to me and offers more possibilities.
After that I searched for information on Tiffany in the library.
I found a video on which differend kinds of methods where shown
under which leaded windows and Tiffany.

After seeing the video I got a good impression of the two different styles.
On the video was also shown which materials you need to start.

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